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Time and tide, as well as a child’s brain development, wait for no one. So it’s important to nail down a formula that gives them what they need right off the bat. And that’s where Karihome Cow Milk Growing-up formula comes into the picture. Boosted with essential nutrients and processed gently to preserve existing ones, Karihome Cow Milk contains the highest* level of 2’-FL available on the shelves for that added boost to your child’s nutrition. Get a free sample of Karihome Cow Milk Growing-up formula here <https://bit.ly/42I3eLV>! *Compared with toddler cow milk formula brands sold in Singapore. Based on declared value per 100g of powder. Terms and conditions apply. #karihomesingapore #karihomesg #karihome #highest2fl #freesample #madeinnewzealand #cowmilk #new

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